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Welcome to Townsville’s premium carpet cleaning company. Cleaning carpets on your own can be challenging and time consuming, which is why the team at Townsville Carpet Cleaner will be there to provide you with the carpet cleaning services that you want. Not to mention, our prices are worth saving your time and energy for because they are so affordable.
 We are able to provide consultations before our work to ensure that the work goes smoothly. We are also able to work on a variety of materials and surfaces.

About Us

Over the years we have grown and expanded our company to meet the needs of the region. We have been able to develop a range of services that are going to provide you with the result that you need. Our team of individuals are highly trained and passionate about getting this work done right.
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    Our Services

    Our services are designed to meet all of your needs, whether it is at your home, at your business, or even in your vehicle. Whatever type of material you have, our team of professionals is going to be able to get it clean. In some cases, we are even able to restore surface and fabric imperfections. We make sure that we exercise all of our skills and bring the utmost accuracy and precision to get the job done. Not to mention, our deep cleaning techniques are going to be able to remove and all unwanted allergens.

    Carpet Steam Cleaning

    If carpet stain removals that you have tried to do on your own simply are not working, call our team here. We are going to be able to provide you with carpet steam cleaning services that are going to make difficult-to-remove vanish before your eyes. Our carpet steamers are the leading pieces of equipment in the industry. This means that we are going to be able to provide you with top-quality results at the most affordable and friendly prices that you could hope for. Not to mention, this line of work is going to remove any odors that may be lingering in your home. We can provide these carpet steam cleaning services at homes and businesses alike..

    Commercial Carpet Cleaning

    our commercial property needs to be kept clean, and it needs to remain sanitary. The team here at Townsville Carpet Cleaner is going to be able to provide you with the commercial carpet cleaning solutions that you have been hoping for..

    “If you are looking for a cheap couch cleaner, you are going to want to call this team. I have tried to do couch cleaning on my own before to save a few dollars, but honestly, it was not worth the effort, especially after learning about the low prices that they offer!

    Upholstery Cleaning

    Upholstery cleaning is one of those things that can be challenging to figure out, and even more challenging to do well. Do not stress about it, and instead, call our friendly and caring team here at Townsville Carpet Cleaner. We can provide you with property-wide cleaning service at the best rates in town! 

    Duct Vent and Furniture Cleaning Cleaning

    Duct vent cleaning and furniture cleaning is an important business because it contributes to the overall air quality of your home. If the furniture is filthy, and if the duct vents are dirty and dusty, your home will not be optimal. However, our team is going to be able to come in and get everything sorted for you. Our team will be able to get the duct vents cleaned as if they were brand new. We will also be able to clean and restore your furniture as if they just came fresh off the delivery truck. We are going to be able to do all of this at an affordable rate too. If you simply want one of the services though, we can do that, such a mattress cleaning.

    “This team is the best team, and they are the leading carpet cleaner near me. I know that I can always call this team when I need assistance with carpet cleaning, and even furniture cleaning. In fact, the team helped me out with furniture cleaning in the not so distant past. They did it at a great rate, and not my favorite chair smells amazing.” – Brad G.

    Leather and Rug Cleaning

    Your fine-leather pieces and your rugs are important and lavish items that need to be taken care of responsibility. You are not going to want to turn to any team of carpet cleaners to provide you with these services. Instead, you will want to hire reputable and caring professionals, and that team is right here at Townsville Carpet Cleaner. There is no other carpet cleaning in Townsville that can use their skills and techniques for impeccable leather cleaning and rug cleaning services as well.

    Pest Control

    Pest control is a serious business, and that means that you are going to want to get a team of professional pest controllers coming to work for you. Whether it is an urgent situation or a situation that accumulated slowly over time, our team is going to be able to handle it. We will identify the issue, remove the source of the issue, upgrade any and all aspects of the space that may be contributing to the issue, and then we will do preventative measures to prevent this from happening again. When we are through, there are not going to be any pests left to continue bugging you.

    “I was scared that my red wine stain in the white carpet was not going to come out. My husband and I just got brand new flooring, and I was devastated at my clumsiness. Luckily though, we found the workers here, and they delivered the ultimate services. They got the job done right before my eyes. It was amazing!” – Olivia H.


    How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost?

    The cost of carpet cleaning is minimal: for a standard three-bedroom home you can expect to outlay around £200 if you have two reception rooms, three bedrooms and the hallway, landing and stairs cleaned.

    Average cost / room to professionally clean carpets is around £40-£60.

    Should I Clean or Replace my Carpet?

    Is cleaning your carpet really better value than replacing the entire thing? In the vast majority of situations, professional steam or shampoo cleaning is the more viable and cost effective option. Cleaning is much more cost effective than replacing a carpet, and most carpets will have extended lifespan after a thorough clean by up to 7 years! Alternatively, a poor quality clean can destroy your carpets permanently, so choose your carpet cleaner wisely. We always recommend using a professional cleaner as opposed to DIY!

    Is Carpet Cleaning Worth the Expense?
    Getting your carpets professionally cleaned is the best way of getting your carpets like new again without having to replace them. Replacing your carpet can cost anywhere from £500 – £2500 depending on the size. Finding ways to maintain your carpet and make it last longer can really save you in the long run.  
    Effective carpet stain removal removes the need for carpet patching, which keeps carpet looking brand new and retains value for your property. Clean and unstained carpet contributes towards your overall property value and create a fresh healthy environment to live in. Carpet cleaning also reduces the levels of dust and pathogens in the carpet, so positively impacting your health.

    What is the best carpet cleaner?
    The best carpet cleaner should have unique features like rotating brushes, edge cleaning capabilities, and heater. Besides, it should have attachments to clean small areas. Some manufacturers add detergents to get you started.
    Also, consider the warranty on the carpet cleaner. A decent warranty is advisable. Again, consider the warranty of the carpet to avoid using a product that will void it.

    Is it better to steam clean or shampoo your carpets?

    Both steam cleaning and shampoo cleaning are effective ways to clean them. However, steam cleaning can give deep cleaning as it combines hot water with chemicals. That means it removes debris and dirt in deeper parts of the carpet.
    Additionally, steam eliminates yellowing of fibres and keeps the carpet in a healthy state. But you need to let the carpet to dry properly before standing on it again.

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    Call our friendly and caring team of carpet cleaning professionals when you are ready to have the best-looking carpets of your life. Sure, new carpets look great, but old carpets that are restored to -good-as-new-status, is just as exciting! Our team is going to provide you with standout results, every single time. We use the finest cleaning products in the industry, and we also use the leading techniques and pieces of equipment to get the job done flawlessly for you. You are never going to have to waste energy on these sorts of tasks, ever again.